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Welcome to the California Taekwondo Foundation (CTF) – a foundation established on the value of providing Masters and Coaches ongoing development opportunity to ensure that core principles, culture, and philosophy of traditional Taekwondo can be in unison with our modernized world.

About Us

The Mission of the California Taekwondo Foundation is to preserve the foundation and integrity of Taekwondo by maintaining a healthy balance between tradition and sport.  

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Upcoming Events

Check our events page for more upcoming tournaments, seminars, and more.

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The California Taekwondo Foundation (CTF) will work in conjunction with World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Kukkiwon, Taekwondo Promotional Foundation, and the California Unified Taekwondo Association (CUTA) in its purpose, mission and goals.

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Pyoung H. Koo

Clint Robinson
Vice President

Castillo Park
Vice President

James Carter



On behalf of Grandmaster Pyoung H. Koo, we cordially invite you to attend the 2019 Legacy Banquet on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at the Dougherty Station Community Center

We would like to ring in the new year and invite YOU and 2 of your instructors to be recognized for their efforts in supporting your endeavors and the betterment of Taekwondo at our Legacy Banquet on January 12, 2019! There will be great food, great comradery and award presentations.

Saturday, January 12, 2019 
Dougherty Station Community Center

Performance, Dinner, Award Ceremony  

Special Team-M 
Demonstration Performance